3 Things You Must Know About Floor Scrubber Machine Batteries

Floor Scrubber Machine Batteries Updated on Monday, October 30, 2023

Floor scrubber machines are one of the best solutions when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the floors of your establishment. So, it is natural to invest in and buy the most efficient and durable scrubbing machine that will not just reduce the expenses and time spent on traditional cleaning methods. Still, the machine also has a long life to justify its cost of buying.


Simply selecting and buying the best scrubber is not enough, as you also need to maintain and use it properly in order to optimise your investment. The correct handling of the machine will make it last longer, work efficiently, and reduce the chances of malfunctions or breakdowns. One of the essential aspects that optimise the functioning and longevity of these machines is the floor scrubber batteries, which are the heart of the machine.


There are essentially four types of batteries for floor scrubbers:

  • Flooded or wet cell batteries
  • Gel batteries
  • Absorbed glass mat or AGM batteries
  • Lithium batteries


Let us understand the types and uses of these batteries in order to ascertain and decide the best battery suitable for your floor scrubbing machine.


  1. Flooded/wet cell battery: A flooded battery is also known as a lead-acid battery or battery pack due to its composition, which consists of lead plates and storage electrodes made of lead-oxide and sulfuric solution. The battery works on the storage and release of electrical energy generated through electric chemical reactions. This battery requires constant maintenance in order to restore the electrolyte or distilled water levels. It also has high charge cycles that support the machine’s function for longer durations and has good resistance against vibrations. It is lower in cost than others but can generate and emit gas fumes, is heavy, and has a high rate of self-discharging, which takes a long time to recharge.


  1. Gel battery: This is one of the better choices among the available floor scrubber batteries, as its design and makeup require practically no maintenance. It is also known as the colloidal battery (deep-cycle battery) that can be easily recharged. Due to the production of its energy from the zinc-lead chemical reaction and the silica gel fixed to the electrolyte, preventing the flow, the gel battery does not generate any gas. It is maintenance-free, strong, and resistant to shock and leakage. Due to its low rate of self-discharge, it lasts longer, takes a long time to be charged, and can be stored for a longer period. Like the flooded battery, this battery also has high charge cycles and can be charged anywhere. It is more expensive and heavier in weight.


  1. Absorbed glass mat battery: This lead-acid-sealed battery has attributes similar to the gel battery despite differing in its design and material makeup. Instead of silica, the AGM battery’s internal electrolyte is fixed with an absorbent material made of glass fibre, which efficiently prevents the leakage of acid. The difference in the workings of the gel and AGM batteries is that AGM has low charge cycles.


  1. Lithium battery: This technology is a recent addition to the professional cleaning industry and the existing list of floor-scrubbing machine batteries. It is easy to manage and care for, as it can be charged at any time and requires no maintenance. This high-energy density battery uses lithium ions as its charge carrier, is lighter in weight as compared to the other batteries, and is easier to carry or move around. Due to the lithium, it also has a longer working time and cleans the floors more efficiently. Its capability to charge faster and function longer adds to its longevity. On the other hand, it is expensive, and safety is an issue with lithium batteries, which are prone to catch fire from overheating, misuse, or being exposed to very high temperatures.


Making the right choice from the available choices of batteries for floor scrubbers can be a difficult and confusing task. It would be best to follow the recommendation made by the manufacturer of the floor scrubbing machine. To ensure that the battery is suitable for your set-up and to fulfil your requirements, make sure to check its dimensions and voltage connections, which are mentioned in the maintenance section of the manual accompanying the machine. Once finalised, make sure that the operating staff is professionally trained and instructed regarding its maintenance protocol for the optimisation of the life and efficiency of the battery and machine.