4 Things Everyone Should Keep in Mind While Sanitizing Surfaces

Updated on Thursday, August 27, 2020

Floor Cleaning Machine for Sanitization
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Commercial and industrial premises need to be kept clean and this includes sanitizing for good hygiene. This is particularly important for any business involved in the food and beverage industry. Whether it’s during unusual times like Covid-19 or not, thorough cleaning and proper sanitization are a must, but now even more than ever.

This will include surface sanitization as well as the use of a floor cleaning machine, such as a floor scrubber machine, for sanitizing surfaces in your place of business.

In this post, we’ll cover some essential sanitizing tips so your commercial enterprise is up to par when it comes to cleanliness and acceptable levels of hygiene.

1 – A Clean Floor Is NOT a Sanitized Floor

Floor sanitization requires more than simply giving it a good sweep. Sweeping removes debris but does nothing to kill germs or viruses. Effective sanitization requires the application of substances that kill viruses such as Covid-19, as well as other bacteria. Substances such as:

  • Alcohol (minimum 70% concentrate)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (0.1%)
  • Chlorine (minimum 1% concentrate)

While all of these substances can be used to sanitize hands or to wipe over various surfaces (including floor mopping), if you plan to use a floor scrubber machine for surface sanitization, then alcohol is not a viable choice.

Alcohol is combustible and not suited for a scrubber dryer machine as an explosion could result due to the alcohol vapour. Hydrogen peroxide is also not recommended for use in a scrubber dryer. This means the only suitable solution is to use chlorine for floor sanitization.

It’s debatable whether detergents are effective at killing viruses, but chlorine has been proven to work.

2 – Floors Need To Be Cleaned and Sanitized Often

Right now it’s vital that the floors of your business are cleaned as often as possible. Depending on the type of business you are in, this job will be made quicker, easier and far more effective if you use commercial-grade floor cleaning equipment.

The Eureka E75 Scrubber is a ride-on floor cleaner that scrubs the floors, sanitizes the surfaces and dries the floor all in one compact unit. Travelling at speeds of up to 6 km/h and coverage of 4.500 sq/m/h, the E75 will make short work of your floor cleaning and sanitization needs.

For even more robust commercial cleaning for large floor spaces, you might want to look at the Eureka E85 Scrubber. This model moves along at 7.5 km/h and cuts an impressive cleaning path of 850 mm. It’s eco-friendly when it comes to water use and is the perfect floor sanitizing machine.

With the aid of the right equipment, cleaning floors on a regular basis to keep them hygienic will be a breeze.

3 – Viruses Don’t Remain Airborne

While it’s been highly-publicised about the dangers of viruses such as Covid-19 being spread through the air, viruses don’t remain airborne, but rather settle on surfaces. It’s for this reason that surface sanitization on a very regular basis is so important in maintaining a hygienic workplace environment.

It’s not only flat surfaces such as tabletops and floors where the virus can settle, but also vertical surfaces, such as areas where people place their hands or fingertips. An elevator control pad is a prime example.

Cleaning the floors and both horizontal and vertical surfaces is paramount to creating a workplace that’s as virus-free as possible.

4 – Don’t Spray Chemicals Into the Air

As it’s already been established that viruses and bacteria don’t remain airborne but settle on surfaces, there’s really no point spraying harsh chemicals into the air to try and sanitize your commercial premises.

This will just lead to people breathing in potentially toxic substances and will do nothing to make your place of work any safer or cleaner.

Stick to cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces and floors, as this has been proven to be far more effective.


We hope you found these surface sanitizing tips helpful. With the proper equipment, the right solutions and regular cleaning, there’s no reason why your business can’t be safe and free from Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria.

For more information on a commercial quality floor cleaning machine, get in touch with the Australian Sweeper Company for advice and equipment at the right price.