Whether you’re buying or hiring the ASC Dulevo 120 sweeper, this machine has everything you could ask from a heavy duty sweeper and even more.

The large rider sweeper ASC Dulevo 120 Elite is marketed worldwide and its reputation is reinforced with thousands of units already sold and working every day in every pilar of industry globally.

The large rider sweeper ASC Dulevo 120 Elite combines a modern and attractive design with superior strength and many advanced features. The result is a truly elite sweeper & unique in its class. It's robust, reliable, dust free, quiet and yet stylish! The large rider sweeper ASC Dulevo 120 Elite is designed to last years longer than comparable machines of similar dimensions.

The large rider sweeper ASC Dulevo 120 build characteristics are born from the top end tried, proven and tested industry leading Dulevo Street Sweepers.

Made to meet and exceed the strictest cleaning and dust requirements in a wide variety of industrial applications. The net benefit of using an ASC Dulevo 120 Elite is the overall improvement of the health, safety & cleanliness of the workplaces wherever it sweeps. Day or night.

The large rider sweeper ASC Dulevo 120 Elite uses the direct-throw sweeping system and world renowned bag house filtrations system. A Gore* Filtration system is also available as an option on the ASC Dulevo120 guaranteeing any user compliance to the EPA PM10 emission standards. Using a ASC Dulevo will guarantee and end user the cleanest sweep and dust control of any sweeper on the global market.

The large rider sweeper ASC Dulevo 120 Elite works on a simple principle. The collection system start with the side broom(s) which transfer dust and debris towards the centre of the machine where a large diameter cylindrical main broom throws everything forward into the 450 litre waste hopper. Fine dust is also drawn directly into the waste hopper by a powerful vacuum system which is created by a high efficiency fan and a heavy duty filter ensures that only clean air is exhausted back into the environment.

Power plants include a choice of battery, petrol, natural gas, LPG or diesel. There is a version of the 120 Elite suitable for every type of application.

A host of accessories are available including an overhead guard or cabin. The cabin option is fully equipped and can be fitted with a heater or air conditioning system to provide maximum operator comfort and protection even in the most severe working conditions.

The ASC Dulevo is used extensively in Australia by the mining industry, brick manufacturers, transport companies and cleaning contractors alike.

ASC Dulevo 120Features and Equipment

    • Battery, petrol, natural gas, LPG or diesel.
    • 1500mm Sweep path with one side broom.
    • 1800mm Speed path with two side brooms.
    • Hydraulic motors drive unit, brooms & vac fan.
    • Direct Throw sweeping.
    • Self-compacting variable dump height hopper.
    • Separate Hydraulic Fan for dust control system.
    • Powered by 4 Cylinder engine.
    • Ergonomically designed operators compartment.
    • 10 sq.m area (Baghouse Filtration) polyester bag filter.
    • 450 litre waste hopper.
    • Hopper dumps from ground to 1500mm.
    • Optional power steering with tilt steering wheel.
    • Rot proof dust filter.
    • Variable speed Side Broom.
    • Made from heavy duty steel.

ASC Dulevo 120Quick Specifications

    • Model
    • Dulevo 120
    • Main Brush Width
    • mm
    • 120
    • Total Sweeping Path
    • mm
    • 1500-205
    • Maximum Cleaning Capacity
    • sq. mt/hr
    • 21,600
    • Hopper
    • Lt.
    • 450
    • Power Source
    • LPG / Petrol / Diesel / Battery / CNG
    • Bag House Dust Filter
    • Standard