The Dulevo 200 Quattro industrial and street sweeper is one of the world's first mid-sized street sweepers to offer a unique combination of compact mechanical and suction technologies.

Dulevo 200 Quattro heavy-duty industrial and street sweepers are unique as they are designed to work effortlessly in glass plants, steel mills, aluminium plants, wood milling plants, brick plants, markets, road construction projects, mining industry and this is just to name a few.

Unmatched sweeping standards, 100% dust control and maximum productivity combined with low operating costs are standard using a Dulevo 200 Quattro. In terms of productivity, Dulevo 200 Quattro street sweepers work at up to three times the rate of traditional sweepers.

The Dulevo 200 Quattro is compact, quite, comfortable, attractive and easy to drive. It sets new standards of driver comfort with the latest in sound suppression inside the cabin.
The Dulevo 200 Quattro is designed to sweep roads as well as factories. It can be used indoors and outdoors wet or dry. Its can be used indifferently in remote cold climates or super hot outback climates.

For the dustiest applications where dust suppression is paramount, Dulevo 200 Quattro street sweepers can be optioned with a unique Gore Dust Filter which is PM10 compliant and offers the best dust control system available on the global market. Not only is it dust free, it's also maintenance free with the world's best sweeper filter warranty.

The Dulevo 200 Quattros compact size and tight turning circle make the Dulevo 200 Quattro the ideal machine in any situation where space is limited.

The Dulevo 200 Quattro is a technological gem which offers everything that could possibly be expected from heavy duty street sweepers. Whether your requirement is to sweep a mine site, cement yard, foundry, glass factory or streets the Dulevo 200 Quattro is guaranteed to meet your expectations year after year.

Whether your purchasing or considering hire, the ASC Dulevo 200 sweeper is super tough, 100% clean ground, 100% Dust free, PM10 Compliant, EPA and EURO approved as the world's best dust control system.

Buying a ASC Dulevo 200 sweeper equals Quality, invest in a Dulevo 200 Quattro street sweeper.

ASC Dulevo 200Features and Equipment

    • 100% Dust free & 100% clean ground.
    • PM10 Compliant.
    • Compact size and tight turning circle.
    • Used indoors and outdoors in both wet or dry.
    • EPA approved – world’s best dust control system.
    • Optional 2.5m3 foot hopper and optional variable dump height hopper.
    • 1300mm main broom. Sweep path 1700 - 2600mm.
    • Hydraulic motors drive unit, brooms & vac fan.
    • Direct Throw sweeping to Elevator Feed.
    • Separate Hydraulic Fan for dust control system.
    • Powered by VM 59 KW 4 Cylinder engine.
    • Pressurised 2 seater cabin with dust filter & heater.
    • 19 sq.m area (Baghouse Filtration) polyester bag filter.
    • Hydraulically driven Filter Shakers.
    • 2500 litre cap. Self-compacting.
    • Power steering with tilt steering wheel

ASC Dulevo 200Quick Specifications

    • Model
    • Dulevo 200
    • Main Brush Width
    • mm
    • 130
    • Total Sweeping Path with 3rd Side Broom
    • cm
    • 260
    • Dumping Height (optional)
    • mm
    • 0-1500
    • Hopper Capacity
    • m3
    • 2.5
    • Power Source
    • Diesel
    • Bag House Dust Filter
    • Standard