The street sweeper and leaf sucker ASC Dulevo 850 mini combines great sweeping capacity with ease of manoeuvrability. Thanks to its high hourly output and a sweeping width of up to 160 cm, the 850 mini ensures accurate and deep cleaning of every corner in the city.

The street sweeper and leaf sucker ASC Dulevo 850 mini was conceived to meet the increasing need to clean narrow spaces. Thanks to its ease of manoeuvrability, it is the ideal solution for city centres and areas beyond the reach of traditional sweepers: sidewalks, bicycle paths, train stations, pedestrian areas, alleys, parking places, gardens and paths.

The high-capacity hopper (0.800 m3) and water tank (220 l) endow the machine with unique operating autonomy, minimizing dumping time. The machine can reach a sweeping speed of 12 km/h with an hourly output of 19,000 sq. m/h.

The street sweeper and leaf sucker ASC Dulevo 850 mini meets state-of-the-art stability and safety standards. The engine position (a 4 cylinder Kubota) has been specially designed to guarantee a very low center of gravity and better balancing of loads. Thanks to its exclusive central articulated joint system, the machine maintains its position even when fully loaded and travelling along steep gradients, thus ensuring extremely high levels of safety and comfort for the operator.

Whether your to buy ASC Dulevo 850 sweeper or hire a ASC Dulevo 850 sweeper you will soon discover why Dulevo is a brand leading internationally for street cleaning around the globe.

Mini by name, the high capacity street sweeper and leaf sucker ASC Dulevo 850 is equipped with a maxi drive. The power supplied by the 4-cylinder Kubota engine, developing 24.2 kw (32.91cc) at 3000 rpm, enables this machine to reach a speed of 30 km/h and travel along 25% gradients even during operation.

Operator comfort was a key element in the development of the street sweeper and leaf sucker ASC Dulevo 850 mini. Particular engineering attention was paid to enable the Dulevo 850 to work on uneven surfaces effortlessly. For this reason a unique suspension system was installed, which utilizes helical springs in combination with suitably sized shock absorbers to render machine vibrations virtually imperceptible. Great attention was paid to the cab design. The cab is, in fact, extremely comfortable and easy to access, and has been equipped with ergonomic and user-friendly controls.

The street sweeper and leaf sucker ASC Dulevo 850 mini combines all the robustness and ease of access requirements of all Dulevo machines. The use of extremely weather resistant materials and industrial production techniques combine to make this machine last the test of time. Easy access to all components is guaranteed by convenient doors, which simplify maintenance operations.

The street sweeper and leaf sucker ASC Dulevo 850 features a high dump hopper allowing the operator to dump the picked up rubbish into a conventional waste skip or dump truck. This feature eliminates double handling of rubbish by greatly minimizing labour time and improving the cleanliness of municipal sites that it is used in.

The street sweeper and leaf sucker ASC Dulevo 850 mini combine compliance with the strictest legislation in force on exhaust gas emissions & noise. The absolutely silent engine and sweeping system combine to minimize the environmental blueprint by making noise imperceptible.

ASC Dulevo 850Features and Equipment

    • Kubota 4 Cylinder water cooled diesel - 24.2 KW.
    • Rear traction with two hydraulic motors.
    • Centrally articulated assisted power steering.
    • Homologated lighting system.
    • Single seat cabin with heater & extensive glass.
    • 2 front side brooms near the suction intake.
    • Variable sweep path from 1400mm to 1600mm.
    • Hydraulically driven high head suction fan.
    • Stainless steel water tank - 220 litres capacity.
    • Spray nozzles on side brooms & intake hose.
    • Accessible suction hose & suction intake with flap.
    • Waste hopper volume 800 litres.
    • Rear hydraulic dumping at 1500mm.
    • Tools, operating/maintenance & spares catalogue.
    • Air conditioning system.
    • Left Hand side broom unit

ASC Dulevo 850Quick Specifications

    • Model
    • Dulevo 850
    • Hopper Capacity
    • Lt.
    • 800
    • Total Sweeping Path
    • cm
    • 160
    • Maximum Cleaning Capacity
    • sq. mt/hr
    • 19,000
    • Dump
    • mm
    • 0-150
    • Travel Speed
    • km/ph
    • 0-30
    • Power Source
    • Diesel


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