ECO-NOMY + ECO-LOGY = labour savings + less water/detergents.

The E51 is a professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer, ideal for the thorough cleaning of areas ranging between 250 sq/mt and 1000 sq/mt.
It has a cleaning width of either 510 mm or 530 mm which, combined to a 4 km/h speed, boasts an area coverage of 2.120 sq/m/h. Buying a ASC Eureka e51 scrubber is a wise investment in a reliable to built to last scrubber.

The ECO configuration is equipped with the new, exclusive ECO system (patented), which breaks water economy and detergent saving barriers, and has won several awards (among them, the Veneto Sviluppo award issued by the University of Padua).

The system has been designed to guarantee impressive labour/water/detergent savings, and boasts a productivity rate between 3 and 5 times greater than traditional systems.

    1. The E51 is available equipped with the following type of batteries:
  • 2 x 12V Gel batteries
  • 2 x 12V standard batteries
  • Furthermore, the machine is supplied with a comfortable, easy to use on-board battery charger. Available for purchase or to hire the ASC Eureka e51 scrubber is a leading in his category.

2. The frame is rugged, made of durable, thick steel, sanded, coated with zinc-phosphate and treated with a thermo hardening powder.

Advantage: Better durability (3 times longer than a chassis treated with a standard method). ASC Eureka's scrubbers feature a fixed brush pressure of 25 kg. For that reason, the machine can work on smooth floors (i.e. where no abrasive action is required) as well as on rough surfaces without overloading the motor.

a. The scrub deck includes an adjusting knob. Scrubbers with one brush scrub decks tend to rotate opposite to the disc itself. The function of the adjusting knob is precisely to adjust the inclination of the brush thus counterbalancing the sense of direction of the machine.

b. A very important feature, the scrub deck is equipped with a self-adjusting splash-skirt which, besides preventing the dirt water to splash during the cleaning session, allows for water-leaking prevention. Being in constant contact with the floor, the splash-skirt is one of those components which are most subject to wear. Eureka's skirt is self-leveling, to allow for excellent adherence to all floor types - whereas most of our competitors use a fixed rubber band, subject to water leaks when worn.

3. The drying system comprises a floor squeegee. Its shape is of significant importance as its primary function is to pick up dirty water with the aid of a vacuum motor. It is, in fact, when the drying takes place that work is optimized, as when one eliminates the soiled water all that is guaranteed to remain is a brilliantly clean and shiny surface.

a. We have equipped our scrubbers with an oscillating parabolic squeegee, in order to better convey water to the center of the machine in any working situation, even on sharp turns. The squeegee is tapered at the sides, to increase air speed. Our secret, in fact, resides in a small air chamber, which maximizes air velocity

b. The squeegee is mounted on wheels, and is equipped with 2 knobs for the adjustment of incidence (angle of the squeegee) to adhere evenly throughout the squeegee thus allowing equal pressure to the floor, and for the adjustment of pressure (to the floor), which can be optimized depending on the type of floor, ie to increase the pressure in case of uneven floors and decrease it on smooth surfaces..

c. The squeegee can be rapidly released from its support without need of tools

d. The blades are in linatex, which offer longer durability (can be used on 4 sides) and a higher grip to the floor for an impressive vacuuming performance

While in a standard scrubber, in case of damage to the rubber blade (eg following a hit) it's necessary to replace it, in our squeegee you can continue to use it by turning the rubber 180 degrees and face the damaged side up.
The squeegee is equipped with a quick release device which allows for a faster reversion/ replacement of the rubber blades.

4. The display is equipped with intuitive, simple to use controls. It includes the exclusive BRUSH O'MATIC system, which allows for a very fast and precise brush/pad replacement, without tools.

5. Safety is very important, and among other features designed to protect the operator, the E51 is equipped with a "dead man" device which pushes automatically the machine forward in case the operator is crushed in a dead end.

6. The handle bar can be adjusted to the height a for better operator's comfort.

7. There are 2 tanks: the clean solution tank (which contains fresh water + detergent) and the recovery tank (which picks up dirty water), whose capacity affects running time, power consumption and productivity. The capacity in the ECO configuration can be up to 150 litre!

The recovery tank can be totally opened for inspection and cleaning, while the solution tank is equipped with a steel filter to prevent the passage of debris into the tank.
The vacuum motor is protected by a patented device: a dust filter, class USGM. Located within the recovery tank, it protects the vacuum motor from dangerous debris or dust.

Designed around ASC Eureka's ECO technology, this model can be supplied with the exclusive ECO system.
The recovery tank is equipped with a steel filter which allows the multiple use of water and detergent thus guaranteeing impressive labour/water/detergent savings, and to boast a productivity rate between 3 and 5 times greater than traditional systems.

With the exclusive Eco system (Eureka patent) we propose a unique method to utilize water in such a way that you will increase labor productivity and thus reduce time squandered in emptying/refilling operations. Additionally, this permits you to minimize the quantity of both cleaning detergent and water necessary for performing the task. Hence massively increasing productivity and reducing labor. Additionally, the Automatic Solution Dosing Device makes sure that the flow of solution is always proportional to the speed of the machine.

ASC E51Features and Equipment

    • 51 cm Scrubbing path.
    • Traction Drive
    • 1 x Disc scrub brush.
    • 280 RPM Brush speed.
    • Quick Change Brushes.
    • Quick Change Brush
    • 1 x 24 Volt Vacuum Fan for exceptional water pick up.
    • 45 Litre Solution Tank.
    • 45 Litre Recovery Tank.
    • Average Run Time 3 hours.
    • 2 x 12 Volt Batteries .
    • 72.5 DBA Noise Level.
    • Battery Charger included.
    • Recycling Water option Included.
    • Infinitely variable speed


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