ASC Factory Cat GTX

The ASC Factory Cat 250 / GTX(hand built in the USA) is a heavy duty scrubber designed from the ground up to last many years longer than conventional scrubbers. Both the build quality and components are engineered to far higher standards than industry average plastic floor scrubbers. This assures an end user of investing in a proven heavy duty scrubber that will stand the test of time and deliver clean floors in much quicker time than would otherwise be achieved using a comparable product. Arguably the best built scrubbers on the world market, the small rider scrubber Factory Cat continues to dominate global markets where strength, longevity and productivity are seen as critical decision making areas.

With two specialized cleaning systems to choose from, the small rider scrubber Factory Cat offers the performance and capacity required to clean your unique application.

The small rider scrubber ASC Factory Cat 250 / GTX comes in two deck styles. Disc type for all types of scrubbing and cylindrical for scrubbing and sweeping operations. The deck sizes come in 26, 30 and 34 inch in disk and 24, 27, 30 and 34 inch cylindrical.

The "Disk" machines offer gimballed brush drive and 50% more scrubbing power than competitive brands. The cylindrical scrub and sweep in a single pass. The small rider scrubber ASC Factory Cat 250 / GTX deck has curtains and wipers, for unmatched water control. The side shrouds are made of thick steel and remove easily for brush access and adjustments.

The operator sits in a spring-suspension, fully adjustable, mid-back chair. The adjustable steering column, headlight, and armrests further enhance operator comfort.

The Factory Cats have a powerful drive motor, can climb steep ramps, and come standard with heavy-duty tires. Features include an automatic parking brake, and reduction of transport speed while scrubbing or reversing.

Our Central Command II system includes a LCD readout, on-board diagnostics, and three hour meters, simplifying preventive maintenance intervals. If the batteries become too discharged, the Factory Cats automatically shut down all systems except "transport", to allow the machine to return to the charge station.

ASC GTXFeatures and Equipment

    • 30-34 inch Scrubbing path.
    • Heavy duty construction.
    • Available in disc or cylindrical brushes.
    • Adjustable Brush Pressure up to 113kgs.
    • Optional Front Mounted Edge Sweeping Brushes.
    • Wet Sweep sweeping system available.
    • Quick Change Brushes.
    • 1 hp Electric Drive Forward & reverse.
    • 1 x 1 hp Super Dry Vacuum Motor.
    • 132 Litre Solution Tank.
    • 132 Litre Recovery Tank.
    • Average Run Time 6 hours.
    • 6 x 6 Volt 245 Amp Traction Batteries.
    • Heavy Duty Battery Charger included.
    • Horn & Headlight, safety flashing light, seat belt & on board hose.