The Factory Cat MiniMag (hand built in the USA) is a heavy duty scrubber designed from the ground up to last many years longer than conventional scrubbers. Both the build quality and components are engineered to far higher standards than industry average floor scrubbers. This assures an end user of investing in a proven heavy duty scrubber that will stand the test of time and deliver clean floors in much quicker time than would otherwise be achieved using a comparable product. Arguably the best built scrubbers on the world market, the Factory Cat continues to dominate global markets where strength, longevity and productivity are seen as critical decision making areas.

With multiple scrub paths & two specialised cleaning systems to choose from, Factory Cat MiniMag auto scrubbers provide the performance and capacity required to clean your unique application. Factory Cat floor scrubbers are designed and built to withstand the rigors of a factory, digest the debris found in a foundry and continue to offer superior cleaning performance better than any other manufactures floor equipment.

The walk behind scrubber ASC Factory Cat MiniMag equipment has a reputation for durability and unmatched cleaning performance. The new MINIMAG combines our proven cleaning ability with improved agility and operator productivity.

Factory Cats thrive in metal fabrication facilities, car dealerships, machine shops, food / beverage packaging and distribution facilities, or in any application where customers demand much of their investments.

The walk behind scrubber ASC Factory Cat MiniMag is available with a large battery package and 17-gallon tanks, which reduce costly down time. There are multiple scrub paths available to better match your needs, in both disk and cylindrical styles.

The "Disk" machines offer nearly 35% more power than other machines. The deck is protected by steel guards and large polyurethane rollers keep the unit from marking walls. Brushes are driven by powerful motors, and are gimbal-mounted, to improve cleaning on uneven floors.

The "Cylindrical" machines have the added benefit of sweeping up debris while scrubbing. This may eliminate the need to pre sweep an area, increasing productivity. Brush pressure is automatically maintained at one of five settings, on traction units, while the LCD provides diagnostics and hour meters, covering "transport", "scrubbing" and "key-on".

The LCD also gives the operator a real-time view of systems running, battery level and scrubbing pressure. If the batteries become too discharged, the unit automatically shuts down systems to allow the machine to return to the charge station.

The heavy steel construction, oversized motors, extra thick polyurethane tanks and stainless steel fasteners provide a solid foundation.

The walk behind scrubber ASC Factory Cat MiniMag has a powerful, sealed transaxle for climbing steep ramps and the four point stance allow it to remain stable over rough terrain.

While offering the toughness you are looking for, your operators will find the walk behind scrubber ASC Factory Cat MiniMag easy to manoeuvre into tight areas, and simple to service.

Buy once and buy right, invest in a walk behind scrubber ASC Factory Cat MiniMag.

ASC Factory Cat MinimagFeatures and Equipment

    • 20-22 inch scrubbing path.
    • Traction Drive.
    • 50cm or 2 disk 26 inch.
    • 280 RPM Brush speed.
    • Quick Change Brush.
    • 1x24 Volt Vacuum Fan for exceptional water pick up.
    • 64 Litre Solution Tank.
    • 64 Litre Recovery Tank.
    • Average Run Time 4 hours.
    • 2 x 12 Volt Batteries 140 AMP.
    • 70 DBA Noise Level.
    • Heavy Duty Battery Charger included.
    • Length 100 cm, Width 48 cm, Height 106cm.

ASC Factory Cat MinimagQuick Specifications

    • Model
    • Factory Cat MiniMag
    • Main Scrub Width
    • inches
    • 20-26
    • Solution Tank
    • litres
    • 64.5
    • Maximum Cleaning Capacity
    • sq. ft/hr
    • 20,000
    • Run Time
    • hrs.
    • 4
    • Sub Head
    • Cylindrical or Disk
    • Power Source
    • Battery
    • Bag House Dust Filter
    • Standard





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