The ASC Mach 2 is one of Australia's biggest selling quality small rider sweepers

The small rider sweeper ASC Mach 2 is used by a host of industries across Australia including the transport and building industry successfully with minimal maintenance cost and downtime being a key feature of this product line.

An investment in a small rider sweeper ASC Mach 2 is a secure long term investment assuring an astute buyer of purchasing right the first time.

Please read the features of the small rider sweeper ASC Mach 2 below.

The small rider sweeper ASC Mach 2 is a new ride-on vacuum sweeper designed and manufactured to sweep small, medium and large areas.

The Mach 2's major aim was to design a compact machine, fast and productive, that could be sold at a very competitive price.

The small rider sweeper ASC Mach 2 is a modern alternative to bulky walk-behind or outdated/out-sized ride-on sweepers.

In fact, the small rider sweeper ASC Mach 2 combines the manoeuvrability and user-friendliness of a walk-behind machine with the efficiency of a ride-on sweeper.

Thanks to its size, it fits very well through doorways and other narrow areas, and is particularly suitable for the cleaning of indoor hard surfaces as well as large carpeted areas. It may also be suitable for a number of outdoor applications.

Its powerful and quiet electric drive enables the small rider sweeper ASC Mach 2 to work at a very low level of noise.

Particular attention has been given to the external finish to give it a modern aesthetic appearance.

Fine dust is filtered through a polyester bag filter, which allows for an excellent filtering rate (99,9%) and has a much longer lasting life than traditional paper filters.

Like the main brush, the standard right side brush is activated from the control panel. A second (left) side brush is available as an option. Both brushes are mounted on side shock-absorbers to prevent damage.

The compactness of the machine, with its small turning radius (95 cm.), makes it particularly suitable for sweeping in confined narrow areas.

The brush is suspended in floating mounts so that it adjusts automatically to compensate for wear and uneven surfaces. An innovative locking system enables the main brush to be replaced without tools.

Maintenance access is convenient as well. The top lifts up to expose the battery compartment as well as motors and other service areas.

Thanks to the position of the hopper, the small rider sweeper ASC Mach 2 offers better visibility and filling capacity. The steel hopper has a real capacity of 63 lt. (or 83 kg.) and is on wheels. It also has a convenient transport handle that allows the entire hopper to be rolled to the dumpsite.

Visibility is excellent from the operator's position, and all controls are simple and ergonomically located for easy operation.

ASC MACH 2Features and Equipment

    • 650 mm main broom with 6 V-shaped bristle rows..
    • 1050 mm wide sweeping path with 2 side brooms.
    • 450 mm nylon side brooms.
    • 230-mm diameter vacuum impeller.
    • 1 Polyester Class S bag filter.
    • Electric filter shaker..
    • Flashing lights.
    • 63 litre top loading debris hopper.
    • Forward/reverse hydrostatic drive.
    • Rear wheel drive through differential.
    • Solid steel frame reinforced at all stress points.
    • Wet sweep option standard.
    • Dust control to 3 micron.
    • Quick disconnect filter.
    • High gloss epoxy resin finish.

ASC MACH 2Quick Specifications

    • Model
    • Mach 2
    • Main Brush Width
    • mm
    • 650
    • Total Sweeping Path
    • mm
    • 1050
    • Maximum Cleaning Capacity
    • 5486
    • Hopper
    • Lt.
    • 63
    • Power Source
    • Battery
    • Bag House Dust Filter
    • Standard