The ASC Mach 3 is one of Australia's biggest selling quality small rider sweepers.

The small rider sweeper ASC Mach 3 is used by a host of industries across Australia including the transport, forklift, warehousing, food and building industry.

A key feature of the small rider sweeper ASC Mach 3 is its ability to deliver minimal maintenance costs and downtime.

The small rider sweeper Mach 3 has as part of its standard on board equipment the world's best dust control system assuring any operation it will perform exceptionally well no matter how harsh the working environment. The small rider sweeper Mach 3 is built from solid steel and delivers exceptional sweeping and dust control.

An investment in a small rider sweeper ASC Mach 3 assures an astute buyer of purchasing right the first time

Please read the features of the small rider sweeper Mach 3 sweeper below.

The small rider sweeper ASC Mach 3 is a combination of technology and new ideas, which will enable the user to keep large areas clean, by working in total comfort, quickly and at low costs.

The wide sweeping path of 1150 mm combined with the fast operational speed assures a large cleaning capacity of up to 7.820 sq\metres per hour. The compactness of this sweeper, with its small turning radius (1.000 mm) makes it particularly suitable for sweeping in narrow, confined areas not accessible by larger machines.

The unique floating, self-levelling main brush and the retractable, anti-shock side brushes, allow for maximum cleaning efficiency on rough or uneven floors while the large filter area enables sweeping in the dustiest of environments. This, in conjunction with a large debris hopper, reduces the emptying time, increasing overall productivity.

The hydrostatic drive on rear wheels increases manoeuvrability and power and enables the small rider sweeper ASC Mach 3 to operate on steep inclines. An optional on-board vacuum cleaner enables the cleaning of edges and areas inaccessible to the main machine.

In addition, the original Italian touch is visible in the design of the external shapes: this adds an attractive appearance, which is appreciated by customers all over the world.

The small rider sweeper ASC Mach 3 is ideal for sweeping large areas in total comfort, quickly and at low costs.

ASC MACH 3Features and Equipment

    • 700 mm main broom with 6 V-shaped bristle rows.
    • 1150 mm wide sweeping path with2 side brooms.
    • 450 mm nylon side brooms.
    • 230-mm diameter vacuum impeller.
    • 1 Polyester Class S bag filter.
    • Electric filter shaker.
    • Flashing lights.
    • 72 litre top loading debris hopper.
    • Forward/reverse hydrostatic drive.
    • Rear wheel drive through differential.
    • Solid steel frame reinforced at all stress points.
    • Wet sweep option standard.
    • Dust control to 3 micron.
    • Quick disconnect filter.
    • high gloss epoxy resin finish.

ASC MACH 3Quick Specifications

    • Model
    • Mach 3
    • Main Brush Width
    • mm
    • 700
    • Total Sweeping Path
    • mm
    • 1150
    • Maximum Cleaning Capacity
    • 7820
    • Chassis
    • Solid Steel
    • Power Source
    • Battery or Petrol
    • Bag House Dust Filter
    • Standard