ASC MEP push sweeper DETAILS

This walk behind sweeper is affectionately referred to as either an ASC MEP or Evo (evolution).

This is the world's first manual push sweeper invented to have its own dust control. That's right, it doesn't blow dust or get dust air bourne while being used and uses no batteries or electric motors to achieve this result.

The ASC MEP had taken some 40 years of research and development to make this project a reality. In fact, like allot of great inventions around the world, it was engineered by accident.

Now, some 40,000 units are expected to be sold worldwide every year. Buying or hiring an ASC MEP Sweeper is a small price premium you will pay to invest in a ASC MEP dustless sweeper when compared to most disposable & dust creating push sweepers made in China or India and available on the Australian / NZ market.

In a nutshell this is a truly remarkable and practical invention that has long been sought after by Industry.

The walk behind sweeper ASC MEP works well in:

  • Building / construction sites picking up cement & gypsum dust
  • Transport companies sucking up tyre dust that contaminates inbound and outbound freight
  • Mining warehouses picking up iron ore as well as coal dust
  • Warehouses picking up fine dust, paper and leaves
  • Petrol Stations picking up paper, dust, leaves and general household rubbish

The walk behind sweeper ASC MEP is hand built in Italy using highest grade materials.

This machine sweeps up fine dust into a front and rear hopper as well as controls the dust from discharging into the environment using a unique manual form of dust suppression.

If you can warrant the premium the walk behind sweeper ASC MEP will deliver you & your organisation the following benefits:

  • Long Service life - the MEP is designed to last for many years. Buy once, buy right!
  • A clean & dust free warehouse or construction site.
  • Quantum labour productivity gains as this machine sweeps 7 times faster than manual sweeping.
  • Very, very low running costs. Forget ongoing service cost

Nearly 98% of Australian and New Zealand Companies buy this walk behind sweeper sight unseen over the phone and to date we have not had 1 complaint. Rather we have had hundreds of referrals and on sales from satisfied clientele.

In keeping with all ASC products we only sell & support the best sweeper products available on the Global market. Why not invest in one and buy the benefits of a simple, reliable and great dust free manual sweeper that actually works

ASC MEPFeatures and Equipment

    • Dust free
    • Noise free
    • Heavy duty
    • Easy to use
    • Maintenance free
    • Safe to use
    • Very affordable
    • 100% eco friendly
    • Fast and economical

ASC MEPQuick Specifications

    • Model
    • Mep
    • Main Brush Width
    • mm
    • 500
    • Total Sweeping Path
    • mm
    • 700
    • Maximum Cleaning Capacity
    • sq.m/h
    • 210
    • Hopper Size
    • Lt.
    • 26
    • Power Source
    • No Batteries Req.
    • Dust Filter
    • Standard


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