Carpet Cleaning With Push Sweeper

ASC Professional Carpet Cleaning Sweepers

Thanks to ASC Eureka’s carpet cleaning kit it’s now possible to use a professional ride-on or walk behind sweeper to clean carpets and large matted areas, as an alternative to vacuum cleaners and small push sweepers for carpet. Previously it was necessary to pass over a floor multiple times with a vacuum cleaner, which was […]

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Feeding Dreams Cambodia School

Feeding Dreams Cambodia and ASC Keeping it Clean

At ASC we are proud to provide high-end, quality scrubbers and sweepers that people and businesses need for their toughest cleaning requirements. What we are most proud of though, is helping Brak Thoeung (Sok Tha) to keep the Feeding Dreams School in Cambodia clean. We don’t help by providing one of our cleaning machines to […]

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ASC Range Of Scrubbers

How to Save On Resources Without Compromising the Quality of Scrubbing

In today’s economical and environmentally-friendly world, it is important to be conscious of the products and resources that you are using day-to-day. This includes the resources that a commercial floor scrubber uses in business spaces and public facilities. Businesses within all types of industries can benefit from industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers (especially larger facilities […]

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Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Choosing The Right Cleaning Equipment For Your Space

When it comes to running a professional facility or business, it is crucial that you uphold the highest cleanliness standards. Not only is cleanliness essential for health and safety, but without a clean environment, your business or facility will lose integrity and professionalism. If you’re looking for industrial cleaning solutions for your facility, there is […]

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ASC Eureka E 81 Scrubber

Introducing the new line of ASC Eureka scrubber-dryers made in stainless steel

Chrome® INOX – Stainless Steel Technology ASC Machines that last in time, even in highly corrosive environments. In many contexts, for example in the food industry, the metal structure of a scrubber dryer can be subject to corrosion therefore compromising the safety, operation and effectiveness of the machine. ASC Eureka’s solution to this damaging effect […]

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ASC's Range At Penrith's Diesel Dirt And Turf Expo

ASC Exhibits at Penrith’s NSW Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo

ASC has just exhibited at the local Diesel Dirt and Turf expo held at Penrith panthers Leagues club. Great to meet so many new and existing customers and suppliers at this excellent event.

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ASC Eureka Sweeper With On-Board Vacuum Cleaner 1

On-board vacuum cleaner for ASC E series ride-on sweepers.

For quick and convenient cleaning of hard to reach places. The foundation of operation for every sweeper is made up of three elements: brushes, vacuum motor and filter. The installation of these components on a robust and agile vehicle, permits deep cleaning of different floor types and areas. Industrial vacuum cleaners deliver precise cleaning, with […]

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ASC Machines Saves A Great Deal Of Water

Sustainable solutions – helping the environment, and your pocket.

Eureka’s leading technology. Permits the recycling of solution during operation. For a dramatic reduction in the consumption of water, chemical and time. Big savings in cost, and an even bigger help in safeguarding natural resources.

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