ASC Sweeper / Scrubber – Training


ASC provides a value-added service option to come on-site and deliver expert training to your staff and designated machine operators. This training goes beyond the basics and gives your operators an in-depth understanding of their equipment, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Experienced team members, who are highly trained themselves, carry out all training. We believe this is critical for our customers because proper machine training allows you to make the most out of your equipment, instills confidence in your operators, and boosts operator performance.

Professional Training That Covers It All

Detailed Insight

We will provide detailed information on the operation of the machine. This includes information on how to use the controls, properly maintaining the machine, and any safety precautions that should be taken.

Expert Use and Manoeuvring

We will demonstrate the use of the machine. This includes how to start and operate the machine, how to manoeuvre it, and how to effectively clean flooring surfaces with the machine.

Interactive Feedback

We will offer hands-on practice and feedback. This may include allowing the trainee to operate the machine while we are on site to provide feedback on their performance, as well as answer any questions.

Tips and Tricks

We will reveal helpful tips and tricks so that the trainee becomes more efficient in their use of the machine.

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