Benefits of Long-term Renting Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Renting Industrial Cleaning Equipment Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Renting Industrial Cleaning EquipmentWhether you’re operating your own commercial cleaning business, or run a company that requires cleaning loads of floor space and so on, is it better to invest in the purchase of commercial cleaning equipment, or does renting offer more advantages?

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the benefits of hiring industrial cleaning equipment as opposed to purchasing it.

You’ll Always Have Access To The Latest Models and Cleaning Equipment Technology

There are many advantages of a floor cleaning machine, but let’s say you shelled out the money to buy one. To make the right decision, you took some time shopping around and choosing a floor cleaning machine that’s right for your needs. After a year or so, technology has advanced and there are now models on the market that would do a better job in less time.

To upgrade to a new model will then require you to make another major purchase, and then you would have to try and sell your old floor cleaner for a reasonable price to get some money back.

If you rent a commercial floor cleaner, you can upgrade to a newer model as soon as it becomes available. This is especially good news for people working in the commercial cleaning business.

Maintain Cash Flow and Budgeting

Being able to budget effectively and maintain your cash flow are vital components to having a successful business. Rather than having to fork out a lump sum payment to purchase cleaning equipment, all you have to do is cover a much smaller monthly payment for the rent of the equipment instead.

This makes budgeting simple and saves putting a big dent in your company’s cash flow and cash reserves. You also don’t have to wait until you have the money to make a purchase. You can get what you need right away so the progress of the business is not affected.

Reap the Tax Benefits

Whatever money you spend on renting cleaning equipment for your business, this is a tax deduction. While you can claim depreciation on the purchase of a cleaning machine, usually you cannot immediately claim the full purchase price. When renting, you can claim all of those monthly payments.

Of course, you should discuss these options with your accountant or financial advisor to confirm, but generally speaking, as far as tax deductions go, renting equipment has more advantages than purchasing cleaning equipment. As mentioned in the section above, the drain on your company’s cash flow will be minimal as well.

Renting Allows You To Expedite the Growth Of Your Business

If the plan is to grow your business, you’ll need both money and the necessary equipment to achieve this. However, if you spend a large chunk of your business cash on purchasing new equipment, you may not have enough funds left over to effectively initiate the growth you want to achieve.

If you decide to rent your new equipment rather than buying it, you’ll have more cash to spread across other investments and expenditure to make the changes and experience the business growth you desire.

Renting frees up your finances so you have more flexibility and the capacity to seize opportunities as they arise. It simply makes more sense to rent in this instance. 

Renting Cleaning Machines Is More Cost-Effective

All you have to do is manage one simple monthly payment for the rental of your equipment. It’s easy and it’s cost-effective.

There is another important point to consider too. If you buy your cleaning machines, they’ll need servicing, and likely repairs, from time to time to keep them up and running and working effectively. As the owner of this gear, you’ll have to pay for all this. However, when you rent, the company you rent from will do the servicing and repairs on your behalf. If a machine breaks down, they can give you another one while repairs are taking place.

Long-Term Cleaning Equipment Renting

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