What’s The Best Way To Clean A Commercial Kitchen?

Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Updated on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Commercial kitchens are busy environments where mass quantities of food is prepared and cooked by a team of chefs. Large kitchens like these witness a lot of activity and therefore can become dirty easily, and so diligence is crucial.

It’s of the utmost importance that commercial kitchens remain as clean and as sanitary as possible throughout service so that the food is not contaminated and so that the kitchen adhered health and safety regulations.

For information on commercial kitchen cleaning, see below.

Cleaning Commercial Kitchen
Clean Commercial Kitchen

How to clean surfaces

It’s imperative that you clean hard surfaces thoroughly and regularly. This is because surfaces have the most activity in a kitchen and are where dirt and bacteria can thrive.

Be sure to deeply sanitise and clean surfaces using a bacteria-killing spray and allow them to air-dry. This way, you will be sure to remove any crumbs or food debris from crockery and utensils or in cracks.

  • How often you should clean a hard surface: after each time you use it.

How to clean floors

All commercial kitchens should have clean floors to maintain high health and safety standards and professionalism. Without regular cleaning, commercial kitchen floors can become very dirty and can breed germs, which can risk food produce becoming contaminated.

To keep a commercial kitchen floor clean, you should use a high-powered commercial floor cleaner such as a walk-behind sweeper or ride-on scrubber. These cleaners are designed to thoroughly and effectively sweep away food debris and wash the surfaces with a chemical solution so that the floors are sparkling clean. Look into ride-on scrubbers for sale today.

  • How often you should clean a hard surface: every day, at the end of service.

How to clean ovens

Ovens are important appliances in commercial kitchens and get a lot of use. It is therefore crucial that the ovens are as clean as possible to improve the quality of cooking.

To clean an oven requires great effort because the build-up of grease and chemicals can become stubborn and hard to remove. Therefore, it’s advised that you keep an eye out for when your oven is needing a clean, as the more often you do it the easier the job will be.

To clean your oven, turn it off at the socket and remove all trays. Use a powerful oven-approved cleaning product and scrub inside the oven to break down the stains.

  • How often you should clean an oven: every week.

How to clean fridges

It’s important to keep on top of cleaning your fridge because if you don’t its contents can become mouldy or contaminated, which could be detrimental to your food products and therefore your business.

To clean a fridge you should first turn it off at the switch. Then, remove everything that is in it and inspect for any spillages. Then, you should remove each tray, shelf and drawer and place it into a large basin and wash well with warm, soapy water.

Whilst they are air-drying, wipe down the inside of the fridge (the walls, door seals and floor) using an anti-bacterial wipe and a multi-purpose cleaner, ensuring to cover all bases and get deep into the crevices. Wipe away any remaining cleaning product and then leave the fridge door open so that it air-dries. Once dry, you can replace the drawers, trays, shelves and all food.

  • How often you should clean a hard surface: after each time you use it

How to clean sinks

A sink can be a breeding ground for germs and bad bacteria, and so it’s essential that all sinks are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.

To clean a commercial sink you should wipe it down using disinfectant and multi-purpose cleaners. You should also keep drains and pipes as clean and as unclogged as possible using drain-unblocking chemicals and solutions.

  • How often you should clean a hard surface: if in use, multiple times throughout the day.


Commercial kitchen cleaning is not only important for upkeeping health and safety regulations but by having a clean kitchen you will increase your business professionalism and also your productivity. Make cleaning your priority today.