Choose From Different Bristle Types For Your Sweeper or Scrubber

Updated on Wednesday, April 13, 2022

A sweeper or a scrubber is useful for every household or a space that requires regular cleaning. There are multiple kinds of floor scrubber brushes that are popular among the masses but each of them has some specific applications based on their bristle types. There are many different types of bristles available for your sweeper or scrubber that make sense to buyers based on where they are being used regularly. 

Choosing floor scrubber brushes should not be a hassle for anyone. After all, every household and every factory floor needs ideal sweepers or scrubbers with the right bristles for cleaning purposes. One needs the sweeper or scrubber to function perfectly for both wet and dry surfaces. For your brief understanding, here is a summary of the bristle types of floor scrubber and sweeper brushes and their salient features:


Polyester has similar characteristics to Nylon. It has a high bend recovery and very good abrasion resistance for sweeping. In scrubbing applications, it offers excellent resistance to water and chemicals. Many households and factories utilize polyester bristles for their sweeper scrubber.

Natural Fiber

Union is a natural fiber that combines a mixture of Tampico and Bassine fibers. It is highly efficient for dust control and sweeping fine debris. It has a relatively shorter wear life versus other synthetic materials. For sweeping, Union is normally mixed with wire to provide more stiffness. Tampico can be used alone as a natural fiber for scrubbing as it offers exceptional water retention and superior heat and chemical resistance.

Crimped Wire

The wire is used in applications needing extra cutting action for heavy-duty sweeping of compacted dirt or debris. It is normally mixed with Proex or Union filaments. This crimped wire brush is a popular floor cleaning brush recommended for low dust sweeping on unsealed surfaces when used alone.


The Nylon filament within some floor cleaning brushes are impregnated with silicon carbide grit particles. The filament diameter and the grit particles do vary in size. The larger the diameter, the stiffer the bristle.  


The most popular filament in scrubbing applications in factories, Poly is efficient for use with most soils and surfaces. Although Poly is more economical than Nylon, it is not recommended for sweeping high-temperature debris. The most popular diameter in our cylindrical brushes is .025″ but we also offer a stiffer version in.036″ and a softer version in .016″.


This highly productive filament has an excellent brush life in dry sweeping conditions, especially on factory floors that also consist of chemicals. Nylon performs well on rough surfaces and in high-temperature environments because of its durability and high melting point. As a more flexible material, Nylon is longer lasting in scrubbing applications. Performance is less when conditions are wet or humid. Our standard Nylon for sweeping is a .030″ diameter and for scrubbing, .018″ and .025″. We offer other diameters ranging from .010″ to .060″ and in grades 6.0, 6.6 and 6.12.


This material is highly efficient as an all-purpose filament for indoor and outdoor floor scrubber brush types that are useful for various sweeping applications, including damp or humid environments. It is not recommended for high-temperature sweeping applications. Proex is polypropylene and derives its name from the X-shape of the bristle. A mixture of Proex and Crimped Wire is the most versatile and widely used filament combination. Our standard Proex is a mixture of three diameters, .015″. There are also the fill patterns or brush types that you need to consider when choosing a sweeper brush.

Double Row

Because of its versatility, the double row (DR) fill pattern is the most popular pattern for sweeping applications. This design allows the space between each row to trap bulky items while the bristles are working to pick up the finer debris such as dust and sand. The Double Row is being used in several residences where finer debris removal is a huge problem.

Single Row

The single row (SR) pattern is ideal for sweeping applications in dusty and/or sandy conditions. It is also referred to as the full-fill or high-density pattern. This pattern is designed to pick up fine debris, but not bulky litter.

Patrol Brush

A patrol brush has a V-pattern and is designed primarily for high-speed sweeping in large areas. Designed with fewer rows with more tufts per row, there is more space between rows. This is one of the popular floor scrubber brush types that enables it to effectively pick up medium to large debris such as cans, paper, and leaves at faster speeds.


The design of the Herringbone, unlike average floor scrubbing equipment, utilizes a V-arrangement but only in the double row (DR) pattern. At normal sweeping speeds, light to medium litter is directed closer to the center of the hopper and loaded more effectively. 

Chevron / Double Chevron

Designed for use on cylindrical scrub brushes, our chevron patterns keep the solution in the middle of the scrubbing path as the bristles agitate the debris loose from the ground. The

full-fill (single row) design of these floor sweeper brush types keeps bristles on the surface at all times. The filament length on this brush designates it as a scrubber since the short bristle cannot flick or sweep the debris off the ground.

Irrespective of the fact that your cleaning crews work on one-pass cleaning or you have a room that could need just a single cleaning machine, one can rely on most industrial sweeper-scrubbers. The scrubbers and brushes mentioned herein help in making the floor the best it can look. Use the robust sweeper scrubbers that boast of durable performance in harsh environments. 

Get help from ASC company experts in customizing a sweeper scrubber for your specific needs and specifications. What’s more, most of these brushes and cleaning equipment are useful for both domestic and industrial spaces, where fine sweeping and scrubbing is the need of the hour. Choose from the machines that offer fume-free operation along with extended cleaning time for wet and dry surfaces!