Choosing a Floor Scrubber for The Perfect Deep Cleaning for Industrial or Commercial Operations

Floor Scrubber Updated on Tuesday, June 25, 2024

When it comes to industrial cleaning operations, a manual workforce is hardly a solution. With lots and lots of footfall in industrial establishments, it is difficult to clean every nook and corner manually. It also gets expensive to hire such a huge manual workforce for cleaning operations. However, maintaining a clean commercial environment is crucial for smooth operations. Maintaining cleanliness not only raises the visual appeal of the establishment, it also prevents accidents by removing pollution. A floor scrubber machine is much more suitable for cleaning industrial sites rather than a manual mop and brush.

Why industrial sites need floor scrubbers

A lot of customers, operators, sales staff, managers, and others enter industrial sites daily. Especially for manufacturing units, there may be heaps of waste and dust that need to be cleaned regularly. To maintain a neat and clean environment and to clean at a fast pace, floor scrubbers are the perfect solution. This is because of the following reasons –

  • There are many kinds of floors in industrial establishments. They can be made of wood, ceramic, tiles, and much more. Each floor will need hours of attention with manual cleaning. There will be the right kind of floor scrubber for every one of these, which can clean fast and efficiently.
  • Dust, dirt, and allergens forming in commercial sites can heavily disturb the smooth flow of work. Obstructions and grit may be created, wearing down the surface. Installing floor scrubbers can ensure that cleaning is done more efficiently, with no corner left untouched.
  • In factories and commercial settings, there is the added concern for health, safety, and hygiene standards. These require floors to be cleaned entirely without the least level of residue. All of these cannot be achieved with outdated cleaning tools like mops and buckets. A floor scrubber can be the ideal solution as it can clean large surfaces in very little time.

Choosing the right floor scrubbing machine

When it comes to floor scrubbers, there are a lot of options to choose from. Floor scrubbers come in various sizes and modes of operation. There are walk-behind floor scrubbing machines that you can operate manually to clean small surfaces. These are perfect when you need greater flexibility for small corners and corridors. ASC GO, ASC Eureka E36, and ASC Eureka E46 are some of the best walk-behind scrubbers.

Again, if you need to cover large surfaces, you may use ride-on scrubber machines. These come with comfortable and accessible driving cabins so that you can clean them efficiently. For big halls and warehouses, you can use small rider scrubber machines like ASC Eureka E75 and ASC Eureka E83. For parking lots, entrance paths, and much bigger areas that need to be cleaned, you can use large rider scrubber machines like ASC Eureka E85 and ASC Eureka E100. Thus, there are many kinds of industrial floor-cleaning machines to choose from. However, these are some common factors to consider while choosing the ideal floor scrubber for your commercial establishment-

  • Size of the floor You should always consider the machine’s design and performance about the size of your space. For large floors, ride-on scrubbers like ASC Eureka 110-R are a good option. This will decrease the cleaning time and save extra labour costs. But for smaller facilities, walk-behind scrubbers are ideal as large machines may be difficult to carry through small spaces.
  • Quality of floor- Different floors have different cleaning requirements. Choose your floor scrubber accordingly. A scrubber with fine bristles will be ideal for tiles while concrete floors in garages and warehouses will need one with stiff brushes. A scrubber with a polished brush is ideal for hardwood floors. You need to choose wisely from this wide range of commercial floor scrubber machines to cater to your floors accordingly.
  • Level of noise- Machines making too much noise may not be ideal for healthcare facilities and other quiet environments. Scrubbing machines specially designed to operate quietly can be chosen for these.
  • Savings- You should factor the labour costs and manual labour hours saved into your cleaning budget. With this, you can choose a scrubber according to your budget.


Industrial settings should always maintain cleanliness to ensure smooth operations and prevent accidents. Choosing commercial cleaning machines like floor scrubbers requires careful consideration of various factors. These include the size of the floor, their quality and texture, the level of noise made, and the difference made to the cleaning budget. The right equipment can boost factory efficiency while helping the business cut down its cleaning costs.