Choosing The Right Battery for your ASC Machine

ASC Machine Battery Updated on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

ASC Machine's Battery
ASC Machine’s Battery

Batteries are the powerhouse of your floor cleaning machine. A good battery not only prolongs your machine’s age but will also make it’s performance better so you can get the best results from it. They come in all different sizes and capacity. It depends on the power and performance needs of the machine to choose which battery to use.

At ASC, we don’t compromise with the quality of any our machine parts and make sure that the best option is taken into use when it’s the case of our floor sweeper/scrubber machine. Below are some of the checkpoints we take into consideration when choosing cells for our machines. These are also helpful to people who are looking to replace their machine batteries.

  • We find that Deep-Cycle battery technology is usually the best choice for cleaning machines because these batteries are optimized for deep discharge and recharge cycling.
  • You also need to consider capacity rating in minutes or ampere-hours (AH) to ensure that you have enough power to clean. 
  • When choosing the right battery for your floor machine, take the high side and be safe and ask for an oversized battery to ensure enough capacity.
  • A battery that is Undersized can result in unexpected downtime, while oversizing can only benefit you by providing longer operating time.

At ASC you can choose from a deep-cycle flooded, AGM or gel battery. 

While both AGM and gel batteries provide maintenance-free battery solutions, they are a better option as they require less maintenance and generally have a longer life span. 

Lithium batteries also available but generally used in the larger road sweepers, permitting operators to continue their day-to-day duties without worrying about the upkeep of the battery.

Like AGM and gel technologies, lithium batteries carry a larger price tag but offer operator convenience of no maintenance and long battery life.

Proper maintenance of your deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel batteries will provide maximum performance and longer life of your battery investment.
Consider the above points whenever you’re in search of a new battery for your machine, or you can leave the hassle to us and visit your nearest ASC office to get the impeccable aftersales service.