Choosing the right motor for your floor scrubbing machine

man with floor scrubber machine Updated on Monday, October 2, 2023

The performance of a floor scrubbing machine depends primarily on its motor, so choosing a floor scrubbing machine with the right engine is essential if you want it to perform well, efficiently, and sustainably for a long period.


The motor should have basic qualities like speed, necessary power, and durability per the specific job requirement. In a market full of various brands and different kinds of floor scrubber machines, choosing the right motor with the help of the following key factors will help you make the right choice.

  • Type of Motor: 

Motors are of two types:


  • AC motor: AC (Alternating Current) motors are commonly used in floor scrubber machines due to their reliability and low maintenance requirements.
  • DC motor: DC (direct current) motors are less commonly used, though they might be more efficient with better speed controls, depending on the requirement.


Choose the motors based on the power, either in watts or horsepower, required to clean the area efficiently. Larger and dirtier places require a powerful motor, so choose accordingly. Ensure the motor’s voltage and power match your establishment’s electrical supply.


Here are some factors that you need to consider before you choose a motor for your floor scrubbing machine:


  1. Torque and speed: Check the torque and speed for effective cleaning. While torque is necessary to maintain rotation consistency even on uneven or dirtier floors, speed is important for the cleaning brushes and pads to work properly.


  1. Efficiency of the motor: Make sure that the motor is energy-efficient to contain the cost of operation. Efficiency is one of the main factors the motors are rated on, and choosing one with a high-efficiency rating and meeting the standard IE3 or IE4 is especially important for AC motors.


  1. Dimensions and weight of the motor: Choose an engine that fits the design and structure of your floor scrubber machine by measuring its dimensions and weighing it so that it doesn’t overwhelm or damage the machine.


  1. Sturdiness: Select a motor that is sturdy and well-protected and has the specified protection ratings, like an IP rating, to keep it safe from moisture, dust, grime, and any other environmental factors in the area and space where the industrial floor scrubber will be used.


  1. Maintenance and durability: Easy parts availability is important, along with the motor requiring minimal upkeep. Motors with low maintenance ratings and sealed bearings will be more durable and advantageous. It is always advisable to buy the motor from reputable manufacturers with consistent quality standards for building durable motors that can withstand heavy-duty operation in industrial or commercial spaces.


  1. Cost of the motor: Cost is extremely important when investing in a good motor for your industrial floor scrubber. But prioritising reliability, efficiency, and durability over cost will assure you of the longevity and efficiency of the motor. A less reliable motor at a lower price may cost you more in the long run on its maintenance and repair in terms of money and time.


  1. Compliances: Ensure that the motor fulfils all regulations and compliance standards, like safety and environmental laws specific to your region. It is essential to meet the compliance standards or else chances are that you could be imposed certain fines.


  1. Warranty and service: It is important to check and ensure that the manufacturer provides a comprehensive warranty and after-sale service and support in case of any problems or issues to save yourself stress and money, which can be avoided with adequate assistance and warranty cover. Research well to find a well-known and reputed manufacturer who is not only known for quality products and after-sale support but whom you can also approach for consultation and guidance that will help you select the right motor for your floor scrubber machine.


Conclusively, choosing the right motor for your scrubber machine is as important as selecting it. Take your time studying the market and the product before investing in the motor. 


Consult with the professionals in the field, read the reviews, and test the efficiency and power of various brands of motors to find the one that best aligns with your requirements and budget. Always choose the one with the best power, efficiency, and performance!