1 Call Facility Management Welcomes Their New ASC M1

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Cleaning Contractor's . Retail & Public Spaces

The Client

1 Call Facility Management Pty/Ltd is a service provider to Owners Corporations.

They are the operational backbone to several residential/commercial complexes, located in Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.

The Challenge

Tony Constable (owner) had major dust issues (black tyre dust) in carparks that he manages.

Tony was aware of other cheaper sweepers but was keen on investing in a reliable and proven product, that would cope well with large quantities of black dust.

The dust was a combination of both tyre and Diesel soot, which is extremely difficult to remove from floors.

ASC Melbourne based sweeper specialist, Ken Pepyat, organised to demonstrate an ASC M1 walk behind sweeper to Tony, at his building complex in Wills Street Melbourne.

The Solution

After seeing the Mach 1 perform he was sold on it. An order was placed.