7 Eleven Hangar 8

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

Airports & Aviation

The Client

7 Eleven Hangar 8 is a private Hangar, owned by the 7 Eleven Group.

They recently asked ASC for advice to procure an aviation grade floor scrubber.

The company had been using an ASC sweeper happily, for many years.

The Challenge

The company stores its planes in a strategic location, at Essendon Airport (Vic).

The floors are a very shiny epoxy coating, which require cleaning daily.

The company insisted that the floors, when washed, had to be clean enough to eat off.

ASC’s Victorian Manager, Ken Pepyat, suggested the super reliable ASC Eureka E 81 floor scrubber.

The Result

An ASC Eureka E81 was ordered and delivered by ASC Victoria.