A-Civil Invests In A ASC M8 True Dust Free Sweeper

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023


Client Introduction

A-Civil is a company which specialises in civil contracting services, such as demolition, bulk, and detailed earthworks, asbestos removal, soil remediation, road works, land subdivision, shotcrete, minor concrete works, piling, anchoring and machinery hire.

A-Civil use specialist plant and equipment together with highly qualified and experienced staff, which allows A-Civil to deliver reliable service to builders, developers, and government agencies.

The Challenge

The company’s construction sites needed sweeping, to eliminate rising risks from airborne dust.

Historically, the company would hire road sweepers to clean various sites but this proved not only expensive for A-Civil but they found these contract sweepers blew more dust than they would capture, making this exercise futile.

The ASC M8 crossover industrial/road sweeper came to their attention after searching for a true dust free sweeper.

The Result

ASC’s NSW Area Manager Scott Campbell demonstrated the ASC M8 in A-Civil’s dustiest and harshest environment.

Immediately the ASC M8 proved that this was the only machine on the world market to meet their exact needs.

A-Civil made their first order with the ASC M8 street sweeper.

The ASC M8 was delivered, with full maintenance and driver training.