ABAL Towing

Updated on Monday, July 1, 2024


Client Introduction

ABAL Towing are located in Thornleigh (NSW) and have a small workshop.

They wanted to keep their new, epoxy painted floors dust free and shiny.

The company runs a fleet of tow trucks to transport vehicles from both breakdowns and minor accidents.

The Challenge

ABAL Towing’s workshop had grease, oil, nuts and bolts and normal dust and debris on their epoxy painted floors.

They wanted a solution to clean the floors thoroughly.

ASC’s Scott Campbell was asked for his advice on how best they could maintain their floors.

The Result

Scott organised an onsite demonstration of a few different size machines.

ABAL Towing chose to purchase the ASC MEP Push Sweeper and an ASC E51 walk behind scrubber dryer.

Both the ASC MEP and ASC E51 were delivered with training given to the company’s operators.