ACT Skip Hire Solves Their Volume of Dust, Dirt & Debris

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Waste & Recycling

Client Introduction

ACT Skip Hire is Canberra’s longest-running skip bin business. They have invested heavily in the industry to establish a Resource Recovery Facility at the Resource Recovery Estate in Hume, ACT. They are the pioneers of the industry in ACT’s waste recovery.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge Tony (owner of ACT) was facing at his station was the sheer volume of dust, dirt, and debris generated in recycling waste. Each truck and machinery movement spread dust while moving waste skips around.

The workers had to wear masks all the time and yet complained of the amount of dust in the air irritating their eyes. The debris varied from fine dust to heavy rocks, which required sweeping hourly.

Tony researched the market and contacted ASC’s Scott Campbell to arrange an onsite demonstration for him.

The Solution

The demonstration proved how quickly Tony could clean his facility floor in a perfectly dust-free manner. This meant no more brooms and hoping for a rainy day to suppress the air-laden dust levels.

Immediately after the demonstration, Tony purchased ASC’s Heavy-Duty ASC M3. Tony and his wife both commented that the M3’s sweeping performance was “outstanding”.