Advance Packing Take On The ASC M6

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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Client introduction:

Advance Packing & Marketing Services (APMS) is the largest packing facility for avocadoes in the South West of WA.

They are in the Shire of Manjimup and have been operating for 12 years. Expanding their production every year and have just added to their large footprint with a new undercover loading shed to handle the volume of avocadoes.

The Challenge:

APMs’ Zoe Taylor made contact with ASC Area Manager Ross Sheehan, after Ross called in when delivering a sweeping machine to another grower in the region.

APMS had used sweeping machines previously, but these machines had caused more dust than what they had swept.

APMS have added extra shed space and have numerous trucks and other machines loading and unloading produce which brings in dust, rock, and other farm debris, this is alongside their state-of-the-art equipment for packing the avocadoes. To keep the loading area clean is of high importance for the operation of the whole facility.

The Solution:

ASC’s Ross Sheehan discussed the advantages and reliability of the ASC Eureka sweepers with Zoe.

Ross shared many of his experiences in the WA fruit & vegetable growing & packaging sectors & explained in detail the importance, application & value of ASC’s market leading sweeper dust filtration systems.

The result:

Zoe placed the order for a ASC Eureka M6 battery powered sweeper with Ross.

Ross had configured the M6 using the Australian made Stanbury battery charger and locally made 36V battery pack. While this inclusion is more expensive for ASC it ensures greater reliability and ability to repair a locally sourced item should it fail in years to come.

The ASC M6 sweeper was delivered direct to the ASC Perth warehouse for pre delivery then delivered in person by Ross Sheehan to APMS.

Ross also arrange to visit Mako Services in Busselton who service all of the battery powered equipment on site, to advise of the maintenance required for the M6.

Once at APMS, Ross was able to show operators Joshua, Dean and Steve the day to day operations the ASC Mach 6 sweeper.

Now the avocadoes are dust free!