Advanced Precast Manufacturing & Distribution Dust Challenge

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023


The Client

Advanced Precast manufactures and delivers quality precast elements to the building industry.

The Qld operation is based in the Brisbane Suburb of Salisbury.

The company currently employs 160 people.

The company has in house engineering, detailing, manufacturing and their construction expertise has enabled the company to promote and lead by example in the delivery of innovative and cost-effective precast solutions for building structures.

The Challenge

Any Precast manufacturing creates a lot of dust both in manufacturing and the distribution of the finished product.

Tom from Advanced Precast was looking for an alternative to manual sweeping. He looked at purchasing an automated, dust free cement cleaner.

This sweeper would be required to reduce manual labour time, clean their facility without creating dust, as well as meet the new QLD government Silica dust regulation.

ASC’s Nathaniel Prasad was asked to attend the site and recommend the best machine for this application.

He organised an onsite demonstration of the Cement Grade ASC Eureka M3 sweeper.

The Result

Advance Precast purchased an ASC Eureka M3 sweeper with M class dust filter.