Advanced Precast NSW

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023


The Client

Advanced Precast manufactures and delivers quality precast elements to the building industry.

Advanced Precast was established in Melbourne in 1982 and since those early years, the company has grown to become one of Australia’s market leaders in the field of precast concrete within the building sector.

The Challenge

The company asked ASC for a recommendation on how to sweep clean their precast cement plant, while adhering to new compliance in regard to sweeping silica dust.

ASC’s Scott Campbell had suggested the heavy duty ASC M3 sweeper, with both a M Class dust filter (99% dust efficiency) and water suppression as the best solution the sweeper industry had to offer.

Following a successful onsite demonstration, Advanced Precast had no issue placing an order with ASC’s Scott Campbell.

The Result

An ASC M3 sweeper was immediately placed into the site, to keep the large, Advanced Precast site clean and dust compliant.