Adventcare Aged Care and Retirement Village

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

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Client Introduction

Adventcare Whitehorse Aged Care and Retirement Village is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. They have just completed their new retirement complex.

The Challenge

The company invested a huge amount of money in a multi-level carpark and now needed a sweeper for keeping it clear of litter and leaves as well as dust-free.

They contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyatafter recognizing his experience in the sweeper industry, to ask for a recommendation that would be appropriate for their job with a guarantee of reliability.

The Solution

Ken Pepyat recommended the ASC Heavy Duty M3 Sweeper. When the M3 was demonstrated to Keith King (Maintenance Manager of the complex), he quickly placed an order saying he thought it was the ideal choice for their new complex.