AGD Auto Wave Goodbye to Mops & Buckets

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

Automotive . Workshops

Client introduction

ADG Auto is owned by Aaron Doust, who has operated this high-quality servicing business for over 10 years.

Aaron works on all makes and models of vehicles and offers old-fashioned service that you can reply on.

The Challenge

Aaron services local businesses fleet of vehicles and was discussing the cleaning of the workshop. He sat down to calculate the time and cost of this technicians using a broom and mop over 12 months and was staggered at the cost.

It was recommended that he visit the ASC Perth warehouse.

He made the time to visit the ASC warehouse office, to view the range of floor scrubbing machines, with the hope of lowering his cost of presenting a clean workshop to his clientele.

ASC’s WA Manager, Ross Sheehan, offered a couple of options for Aaron. He was most interested in the ASC Eureka E50 and E51.

ADG’s Auto workshop has a painted floor and was kept very tidy by the technicians’ use of mops and buckets.

Aaron really needed a floor scrubber to take the oil, grease, and grime off the painted surface and collect it ready for the correct disposal, via a grease trap system.

The Solution

Aaron was keen on the ASC Eureka E50 scrubber, as it had minimal electronics and a brush assisted drive.

The Result

Aaron was happy with Ross’s explanation of the ASC Eureka E50.

Aaron placed the order and paid for it before tax time.