Our Commercial Cleaning Machines Make A 5-Star Cleaning Regime For AHG Perth

Updated on Friday, March 4, 2022

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AHG is Australia’s Largest Cold Storage company. Its Perth facility has 2 major issues that they had to contend with.

One was the constant battle every freezer facility has to contend with and it’s the accumulation of water condensation.

This happens when the hot air and cold air meet causing water puddles to form.

In a chiller/  freezer environment that makes for a slippery floor as ice forms. With mobile forklifts moving around constantly this can cause safety issues.

The second one was the huge amount of pallet chips on the floor.

Due to the high movement of pallets that rub on the ground a lot of pallet timber chips form on the floor.

This in ambient temperature can cause the air conditioning systems to suck up the airborne debris and cause premature maintenance on the air cooling fans.

ASC’s Ross Sheehan was asked to demonstrate the ASC Eureka E 83 and ASC M1 sweeper.

Using both machines proved that the company could eliminate within minutes the water puddles and dampness issues they were experiencing as well as eliminating the dust and pallet chip build-up on the floor.

After seeing the performance of both units they quickly agreed to purchase the units.

A dry floor and a dust-free environment.

A happy workforce and a 5-star cleaning regime in place.

ASC Machines At AHG Perth's Facility 1
ASC Machines At AHG Perth's Facility 2