AHG Turned To ASC For Their Cleaning Challenges With Condensation On Site

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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Australia’s largest cold store logistics company, AHG turned to ASC for their condensation on site cleaning challenges.

AHG is Australia’s largest cold store logistics Company. Many people know them by the name of Scott’s Refrigeration.

The Challenge:

AHG had a massive problem with condensation occurring (water on the floor) in their huge freezer and chillers rooms at their Derek South Australia facility.

Condensation is a common problem when operating in ambient temperatures of +2 to -30 degrees Celsius in any chiller / cold store area.

This occurs when cold air meets warmer air and the frozen air / ice melts causing water pools on the floor.

A wet floor can have major implications for a cold store as there is a lot of foot & forklifts traffic continually moving frozen food in and out of the chillers. A slippery floor causes forklifts to lose control by skidding and can cause no end of damage to racking, walls as well as fellow workers unluck to be in working range.

The Solution:

AHG turned to ASC for a solution to their problem. ASC is as a premium supplier of INDUSTRIAL sweepers and scrubbers and has a proven track record in the refrigerated warehouse sector.

ASC’s local South Australia Regional Manager Ken Pepyat was asked to survey the site and offer a solution to the problem at hand.

He brought to site a freezer specification ASC Eureka E 83 Rider scrubber for demonstration. AHG were not only shown the incredible drying performance of the Eureka E 83 scrubber / dryer but also the simplicity and robust design of the product.

The Result:

The result was a clean and dry floor. No more OH&S issues, a safe walking environment as well as forklifts doing what they are supposed to do without slipping due to loss of tyre traction.

ASC Eureka E 83 Rider Scrubber At AHG's Facility 1ASC Eureka E 83 Rider Scrubber At AHG's Facility 2