Ajax Foundry Extreme Environment Challenge

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

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The Client

Ajax Foundry are producers of cast irons that perform under conditions of temperature and friction, in accordance with individual customers’ requirements.
The Ajax Foundry is a family owned and operated company, with over 80 years experience in the foundry industry.

The Challenge

The company runs a site in the Sydney suburb of Silverwater. The site is very old and has undulated concrete throughout the facility. The floors are covered with thick cast sanding dust.

Waste foundry sand (WFS) is a by-product from the production of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings. It is high quality silica sand.

This sand needs to be swept up, to keep the plant visually clean and minimise employees exposure to airborne dust.

The company wanted a sweeper that was designed to work in this kind of extreme environment.

After an onsite demonstration and many reference point checks in other similar Australian operations using ASC sweepers, the choice was made to go with the ASC M6 Diesel casting grade sweeper.

The ASC M6 is built tough like an underground mining vehicle, designed to be easy to operate and has the world’s best dust control sweeping system to ensure NO dust is discharged, while in sweeping mode.

The Result

Ajax Foundry invested in the heavy duty ASC M6 sweeper.

A complete handover was undertaken at the point of delivery.