Al-Taqwa College Truganina Victoria

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

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Client Introduction

The Islamic School of Victoria, also known as Al-Taqwa College, is a primary and secondary school located on the outskirts of Melbourne at Sayers Road, Truganina, Victoria. The College covers a 50-acre area on the western side of Melbourne.

The Challenge

AL-Taqwa College was looking for a walk-behind sweeper to clean their new sports stadium. They were facing the challenge of containing a huge dust build-up during their site construction. They required the feature of dust suppression in the sweeper in order to eliminate the build-up of dust on the floors, walls and air conditioning ducts before painting. Adam, the manager from Al-Taqwa, contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyat and told him that he had been looking for the right sweeper on the market for quite some time. However, he felt that the ASC Eureka M1 best suited his application as it offered great dust control and had a very solid build.

The Solution

AL-Taqwa College placed an order for ASC Eureka Battery M1.