Albert Tower Melbourne Clean & Dust Free

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

Open Spaces & Car Parks

Client Introduction

Albert Tower is a high-rise residential building based in the leafy suburb of South Melbourne (VIC).

The Challenge

Anthony Tompkins, Building Maintenance Manager, was looking for an efficient sweeper that could keep the entire complex clean and free of dust. He wanted to invest in a budget-friendly yet proven product that has successfully worked in residential complexes. He conducted his own research and then contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyat to request the demonstration of the ASC MEP.

The Solution

After seeing the ASC MEP in action, Anthony immediately placed an order with Ken Pepyat for the ASC MEP dust-free battery-free pedestrian walk-behind sweeper.

They will be using the machine daily for sweeping the basement car park as well as the external perimeters of the building. The residents are no more agitated by the swirling black dust in the carpark.