Alcoa Willowdale take delivery of new ASC Dulevo 120 Diesel sweeper

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


Alcoa Willowdale is a mine site located towards the south of the Waroona rural town. This site has been producing bauxite since 1984 for the Wagerup Alumina Refinery that is located nearby. The Willowdale and Huntley site produces approximately 45% of Australia’s total Alumina and 19% of Australia’s total aluminum from the bauxite ore.

The Challenge

Alcoa Willowdale has 240 people working for it and has a large workshop maintenance area that manages the water carts, light vehicles, and dump trucks required during the mining operations.

Previously, they were using an old Dulevo 90- series sweeping machine that they had been using for 10 years and needed an upgrade now.

Alcoa Willowdale had a long and reliable relationship with the Italian-made Dulevo machines and wanted to stay with a proven brand.

However, they required a bigger sweeper with lower clearance to enable them to enter the large workshop where mining dump trucks were serviced.

They needed a sweeper to clean up any dirt and rocks brought into the workshop. The machines had to be maneuverable enough to stay under the overhead air-pressure lines and hose reels.

The Dulevo 120 diesel was fitted with a PM 10 dust filter and reliable 4-cylinder Kubota engine, which together delivered a high level of dust control and an easily serviceable engine.

The Solution

Alcoa placed an order for a new Dulevo 120 Diesel sweeper. ASC’s WA Area Manager, Ross Sheehan, delivered the sweeper via the ASC WA facility to their site.

The machines were incorporated with features ranging from a Gore filter and pneumatic tyres to a fire extinguisher and a few specific mine specifications options.

The Result

Ross got the sweeper pre-checked by the ASC’s local service technician & delivered it within one day of arrival from the Port of Fremantle.

He also trained the site Willowdale staff to properly use the new ASC sweeper.