Alcoa Willowdale Upgrades With ASC

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023


Client Introduction

Alcoa Willowdale has been a client of ASC for many years now and has many ASC machines in various workshops and store locations within their Wager up mining program.

The Challenge

The stores at Willowdale had been using standard push sweepers for many years and now needed to replace them after using them for many years effectively.

Dean (Manager) wanted to upgrade these old machines with superior dust control. He was looking for a compact machine that could also fit between the racking and shelves that have been in place for decades.

The Solution

WA Area Manager arranged a demonstration of the ASC Eureka M1 on-site at the mine.

Dean liked the idea of a battery-powered sweeper, as it was able to perform when the machine slowed down, especially around fixed shelving. The M1’s larger maintenance-free dust filter allowed it to be used for longer periods.

The Result

As Ross was returning to the ASC Perth-based WA warehouse, Dean called to inform that he had convinced his supervisor regarding the advantages of the ASC Eureka M1 sweeper and to place an order for one M1 battery sweeper.

He requested an immediate delivery. Ross returned to the site within a week with the ASC M1 sweeper and conducted training with Dean and his crew. Alcoa loves ASC and the Eureka machines.