Alinta Loy Yang B power station (Vic)

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

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Loy Yang B Power Station is located in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, 160km east of Melbourne.
The 1,100-megawatt plant is Victoria’s newest and most efficient coal-fired power station, providing about 17% of the state’s energy needs.

Alinta Loy Yang B Power Station recently asked ASC’s Ken Pepyat to demonstrate a sweeper capable of sweeping up coal dust.

The Problem:

The power company had a huge coal dust problem on their mezzanine floors. They had previously purchased a warehouse sweeper from another company that didn’t perform. It blew dust everywhere and within minutes the dust filtration system blocked.

Knowing they had a problem keeping the facility clean & dust free they called on Ken Pepyat’s experience to guide them on how to sweep black dust without creating clouds of dust in the process of sweeping.

Ken Pepyat is well known in Industrial circles with his 34 plus years’ experience in the mechanical and dust filtrations arena.
He recommended they trial a ASC M3 dust free sweeper in their worst areas.

The Solution:

After a successful demonstration Alinta wrote an order for a new ASC M3 sweeper as a solution to their dust problem.

Danny Riddle, Alinta Line Manager, said the ASC Eureka M3 was a perfect match for his site.

Danny said the new Heavy Duty M3 sweeping with its aggressive sweep pattern & dust filtration would save the company money and maintenance down time.