Alita Construction Double Investment ASC Eureka MEP

Updated on Tuesday, September 7, 2021


Client introduction:

Alita Construction is an experienced commercial construction company based in the southern industrial suburb of Forrestdale. They offer the services of building and managing projects like factory units, offices, schools, and churches.

The Challenge:

Alita Construction Safety Officer Maurice had made a purchase of the very popular ASC Eureka MEP push sweeper back in April 2021 for a new construction site to help clean up the dust and debris as the building went up.

After using the Eureka MEP for 3 months Maurice contacted ASC WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan to see what the delivery availability of the push sweeper was.

The companies supervisors of two sites were arguing over the use of the MEP sweeper, who was taking it out to site on which day.

North of the river versus south of the river building teams.

The Solution:

The ASC Eureka MEP push sweeper is a stocked item at all ASC warehouses across Australia, so the availability is always guaranteed for this award-winning machine.

The Result:

Ross Sheehan arranged for Maurice to receive the invoice for a new machine, then organized to delivered the ASC Eureka MEP to their site on the south side of the river.

The excited supervisor (Steve) took possession of this new valued piece of equipment.

There is still a strong rivalry between North of the river and South of the river people/businesses/footy teams.

In the end it was a great win for all involved, ultimately resulting in a clean construction site free from airborne cement dust.