All Mould Plastics Orange (NSW) goes with ASC

Updated on Thursday, July 1, 2021


The Challenge

All Mould Plastics is an injection mould company based out in the red sand of Orange (County NSW). Charles (Managing Director) at All Mould Plastics sent ASC an enquiry for the purchase of a floor scrubber.

Just like any injection moulding company, they faced the problem of endless dust build-up and plastic shavings that layered their floor. They required a whole day for cleaning the painted floors, so Charles decided to ask ASC to help them find an appropriate solution to their problem.

ASC’s Scott Campbell demonstrated the ASC Eureka E50 floor scrubber at their facility to allow Charles to assess its benefits and performance. Charles was impressed with its performance instantly and was eager to get his hands on the Eureka E50 for testing its scrubbing power along with its movability.

The Result

All Mould Plastics was impressed by the ASC Eureka E50 floor scrubber, so much so that they purchased it on the spot along with a brush and a pad. With a 600sqm fully painted floor, the E50 cleaned the workplace spotless in no time at all.

Not only was Charles happy, but the whole facility is now able to maintain a shiny floor all day every day, saving hundreds of labour hours cleaning per year.

ASC Eureka E50 Floor Scrubber 1ASC Eureka E50 Floor Scrubber 2