Alliance Moulding Perth acquires an ASC MEP

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

Agriculture . Manufacturing

Client Introduction

Alliance Moldings is a WA-based company that specializes in the rotational moulding industry. They are specialists in custom moulding for various industries from agricultural, marine, and materials handling industries to mining, civil, manufacturing, aquaculture and many more.

The Challenge

Ian White, the manager for Alliance Moulding, contacted WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan prior to their Christmas break in 2020 and requested to test a couple of the ASC sweepers. As Ian was soon moving to a larger production area, he was keen on seeing the ASC sweepers and whether they would be able to keep the huge area clean or not. The major challenge for the Alliance Group was that they had to clean up the plastic shavings, plastic pieces, and forklift tyre dust every time the mouldings were cooled and moved.

The Solution

Ross organized a demonstration of the ASC Eureka MEP for Ian at his new larger production site. The ASC MEP is well-known to be the best sweeper for medium-sized workshops, and the demonstration proved the point. The MEP quickly accounted for the cement dust debris scattered around the cement floor, and everyone was stunned by its performance. Ian was happy with the simple operating dash as well as the long-lasting dust filter, along with easy access to the main brush to check for plastic wrapping around the brush, which is a high possibility with the plastic swarm. Ian also noticed the Eureka MEP push sweeper in the van and wanted to compare the push sweeper versus the battery-powered version. He was blown away by the efficiency of the MEP so much so that he was keen to use this sweeper in the interim at the old premise.

The Result

Ian was impressed with the Eureka range of sweepers and purchased an ASC MEP push sweeper with dust control.