Allied Forklifts WA

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023


Client introduction

Allied Forklifts are a well-established forklift supplier in the northern industrial suburbs of Perth. Allied Forklifts is a Western Australian company founded by Wayne Adams in August 1996.The company has grown to be one of the largest privately owned forklift companies in Perth. Their major lines include Heli and Genie.

The Challenge

Sean Hutcheon (Allied Forklifts) was working with a large customer in the engineering industry for the supply of forklift.

This company had another brand of floor sweeper that was giving them headaches, mainly engine issues.

Sean contacted WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan to see what sweeper are available in an LPG configuration in Perth.

Ross had a couple of ex-fleet M6 sweepers in his Wangara WA Perth Warehouse as floor stock and was asked to demonstrate the machine to the customer to ensure it was capable to handle the environment.

They needed a reliable sweeper to keep two manufacturing facilities clean of steel dust, forklift trye dust & debris being moved about by forklifts and wind.

The ASC Eureka M6 was the best sweeper for this application as it had a proven & long-lasting reputation for reliability and incredible dust control.

The Result

After the demonstration Allied Forklifts purchased the ASC Eureka M6 LPG sweeper on behalf of their customer.

Ross Sheehan organized delivery of the M6 sweeper to Allied Forklift’s Malaga service centre ready for delivery.