AMA Precast Tackle & End Silica Dust Issues

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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AMA Precast Panels is a concrete precast facility based in Derrimut Victoria.

The problem.

AMA Precast panels manufacture concrete wall panels and had a problem with dust around their floors.

AMA had tried many other brands of sweepers in recent times but they simply did not do the job and blew dust everywhere.

They specifically asked for a PROVEN sweeper that was widely used in the concrete industry and could cope with their tough conditions.

ASC’s Ken Pepyat recommended both a large ASC Eureka M6 sweeper as well as the dust free manual push sweeper (MEP).

The result.

Sam Azzopardi is pictured below with his workers trying out their new Eureka MEP’s and also a Eureka Mach 6 sweeper.

AMA precast has just moved to their new building in Derrimut after being at Gisborne.

They placed an order for 3 machines with ASC’s Ken Pepyat.