Andritz Geelong Yarn & Dirt Challenge

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023


The Client

Andritz Geelong are manufacturers of fabrics and yarns.

Andritz is a worldwide company, employing more than 7000 employees.

The Challenge

Wai Leung from Andritz Geelong contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyat, to see if we had a solution to clean up dust, embedded dirt and small bits of yarn from his factory floors.

Ken’s suggestion:

The ASC Eureka M3 ride on sweeper, to sweep and vacuum the floors free of dust and debris. This would sweep the floor areas effortlessly and with minimal downtime, ensuring they are clean.

He also suggested that following the use of the ASC M3 sweeper, the use of the Eureka E100 floor scrubber, to thoroughly scrub the painted and vinyl floors clean.

Andritz had a lot of painted floors and walkways.

Previous to engaging Ken’s help, Andritz only had a walk behind scrubber, which they found too time consuming when scrubbing large areas.

The Solution

The company placed an order for an ASC Eureka M3 battery sweeper, as well as the heavy duty Eureka E 100 floor scrubber.

The use of these two ASC machines has ensured that not only do the floors look much cleaner, but it’s also saved the company valuable time, labour wise, for their cleaners.