Arneg NSW invests in more ASC machines

Updated on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Food & Beverages . Manufacturing

Client Introduction.

Arneg Oceania Pty Ltd is a Sydney based commercial refrigeration supplier with a leading position in the commercial refrigeration sector. Its headquarters are based in Cittadella ( Italy). The Eureka manufacturing plant is also based in Cittadella. Both Eureka and Arneg are recognised as world class leading companies with similar synergies.

The Challenge

Arneg Oceania had already been using 2 x ASC Eureka products for more than 4 years.

Recently they went ahead and re painted certain parts of their factory floors. This was to eliminate any airborne dust and sought to achieve a modern plant floor.

As a happy user of the Eureka product, they asked ASC what scrubber would work best to keep their floor in tip top condition. They a quick method to achieve a shine and eliminate manual mop cleaning which simply took too long.

The result.

Arneg invested in an entry level Eureka E 83 Battery rider floor Scrubber.

This highly effective low maintenance scrubber would ensure the plants floor would be washed and cleaned daily & deliver the result they wanted.