Arrow Transport Invests with ASC

Updated on Monday, August 9, 2021

Logistics & Distribution . Ports & Shipping

Client Introduction

Arrow Transport provide a full range of transport and distribution options across a broad range of industry segments.

The have fully licenced wash bays and quarantine facilities catering to the mining, agricultural and commercial sectors quarantining vehicles, trucks, plant and any type of equipment from importers.

The Challenge

Quarantine freight stations need state of the art equipment to operate efficiently.

High quality cleaning is considered essential.

Arrow Transport has locations beside the largest wharfs in Australia.

The cleaning challenge is a result as high winds which blow rubbish, sea salt water and dust into their facilities.

The mix of vapour and dust made it very difficult to find the right machine to achieve Arrows high standard of cleanliness.

The Solution

Arrow Transport had demonstrations of the ASC Eureka M6 LPG in both Sydney and Melbourne to assess how the machines would sweep in different environments.

After looking at various different brands in the marketplace, Arrow discovered the ASC M6 ‘s robust industrial design made it the right choice for the application at hand.

The M6 would withstand their tough operating conditions and upkeep the companies high cleaning standards.

Arrow ordered two ASC M6 LPG sweepers.

One for their Sydney operation and another for their Melbourne facility.