Aviation Hangar at Mildura Airport Receives ASC M2 to Clean Their Hangar in Hard Weather

ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper At Mildura Airport Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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ASC arrives at Mildura Airport – Pictured a photo of Larry Cowley from Aviation Alliance at Mildura Airport.

Larry and his team run a fleet of aircraft for pilot training, scenic flights, tours, fire management & personal charters.

Mildura is an area known globally for its grape & wine production. Many outsiders are unaware how hot, dry and windy the Mildura area gets.

With so much dry heat, dust is a big problem. The dust gets airborne and then trapped in hangars daily. Keeping hangars dust free is crucial in aviation as planes’ engines must always be free of FOD .

To eliminate manual hand sweeping, Larry recently took possession of his ASC Eureka M2 sweeper from Vic Sales Manager, Ken Pepyat. Larry was very pleased how well the ASC M2 effectively swept his floors and now shows his hangar off with a lot of pride.

We at ASC are delighted to have supplied the M2 sweeper to Larry’s company, a man who is well respected in aviation circles around the Mildura basin.

ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper At Mildura Airport