ASC Was A Clear Winner For Tully’s Store Leaving The Floor Spotless & Far Superior To Other Brands

ASC i8 Scrubber At Tully's Corner Updated on Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Food & Beverages

Tully’s Corner is a specialty produce store based in Melbourne’s eastern suburb of  Mornington.

This incredible store is widely known for its premium produce and attracts people from all outer suburbs of Melbourne who want the best food that their money can buy. This shop has it all. A café, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables as well as a selection of the finest Italian imported foods.

Recently Tully’s made inquiries and invested in a ASC i8 walk behind floor scrubber.

Owner Frank Brancatisano made up his mind to keep the his concrete floors cleaner and lift the standards of his operation.

Selecting a machine wasn’t an easy choice as they looked at multiple brands. They choose the ASC because it was much stronger than comparable brands & backed by real field service. The demonstration proved best of all leaving as the scrubber the floor spotless and far superior to other brands.

Frank sells the best produce and found that investing that little bit extra for an item that will last many years longer than other brands was the best choice for him.

Ken Pepyat ASC Victorian Manager installed Franks new scrubber.

ASC i8 Scrubber At Tully's Corner
Tully's Corner Produce Store Sign
Tully's Corner Produce Store