ASC Proudly Becomes Part of RFDS’ Hangar Maintenance Operations

ASC Eureka E 51 Scrubber At The RFDS' Charleville Base Updated on Tuesday, January 5, 2021

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ASC Eureka E 51 Scrubber At The RFDS' Charleville Base

RDFS has purchased a Eureka E-51 auto scrubber for their north Queensland airplane hangar.

The decision to buy the scrubber was based on replacing manual cleaning with mechanized cleaning.

Instead of taking 6 hours to manually sweep and mop the hangar floor, it now takes less than 1 hour. Now the ASC Eureka E-51 quickly and efficiently washes the floor, leaving it dirt-free and dry.

RDFS is an essential part of maintaining a fleet of doctors to service people in the far regions of Australia.

If you are unsure of what the RFDS does; it goes something like this. In the city, they dispatch an ambulance to pick you up and take you to the hospital. In the outback where it is not possible to send an ambulance as the nearest hospital might be 2500 km away, the ambulance authority dispatches a plane with a team of doctors to assist you in an emergency.

If needed, this team of dispatched doctors can operate on a patient while in the air; and hand him over to a waiting ambulance in the nearest city. The doctors who work with the RDFS are the best of the doctors, and the pilots are also exceptionally good as sometimes they have to land the planes in very tough conditions.

ASC is proud to be associated with the RFDS – an amazing Australian institution.