ASC Cleans Up Canberra Airport

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

Airports & Aviation

The Client

Canberra Airport, is an international airport situated in Majura, ACT.

The Challenge

Tarmacs are very difficult to clean. There is a constant challenge to ensure no FOD (Foreign Object Debris ) is swept up. FOD includes any object found in an inappropriate location that, as a result of being in that location, can damage equipment or injure personnel. FOD includes a wide range of material, including loose hardware, pavement fragments, catering supplies, building materials, rocks, sand, pieces of luggage, and even wildlife.

FOD is found at terminal gates, cargo aprons, taxiways, runways, and run-up pads.

The other seasonal issue they have is that Canberra Airport gets very cold in Winter. The planes need their Wings de iced in order to make them fly.

The Solution.

The Airport uses the ASC 7765 scrubber / sweeper to make sure that the tarmacs are regularly cleaned and that no deicing fluid enterers the stormwater