ASC Client solutions Atherton Orchards

Updated on Friday, January 22, 2021

Agriculture . Food & Beverages

Client introduction:

Atherton’s Orchards has long been the supplier for outstanding high quality Pink Lady apples to markets around the world. Located in the fruit bowl of Donnybrook just under 3 hours south of Perth, a combination of well-maintained rich soils and abundance of water via the large dam and 3 x bores allows this property to produce the highest quality fruit.

The Challenge:

Steve and Narita (owners of Atherton Orchards) surprised WA’s Manager Ross Sheehan when they walked into the ASC Perth warehouse minutes after the new ASC signage had been installed. They were in Perth for a short time and wanted to see what sweeping machines were available. They had a large packing sheds where they package the local Pink Lady apples.

During the season the sheds gets dirt coming in with the farm machinery as well as the leaves and stalks from the fruit. They had an old sweeper and it was time to update.

The Solution:

Ross had several demonstration sweepers on the showroom floor and was able present them to Steve and Narita to use and ride. They loved the idea of a ride-on sweeper and like the Eureka M2 with the Vespa like handlebars and it maneuverability and the Eureka M1 which was a similar size to their original sweeper.

The result:

As Narita will be using the sweeper as much as the farm workers, they decided to purchase the Eureka M1 walk behind sweeper.

Ross discussed delivery of the sweeper and informed them that he was waiting on a larger machine that was being delivered just past them at Manjimup and he could include their new machine at the same time. This worked perfectly for them as they were building up to the picking season.